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Suihkonen Family Association

The Suihkonen Family Association is a Family History Association and consists of members of the family who are interested in historical and genealogical research into the name of Suihkonen. The society was founded in 2003 in Suonenjoki, Finland with about 30 members of the Suihkonen family present.

Everyone who is over 18 years of age and has ancestors with the surename of Suihkonen can join the family association.

There are about 80 members in this family association. Most of Suihkonen live in the areas in central Finland: Suonenjoki, Jäppilä, Leppävirta and Pieksämäki. Another main area for Suihkonens is in western Finland: Reisjärvi and surroundings. From 1960 Helsinki and the capital region have become a major population area for Suihkonen family as well.

Aapeli Suihkonen of Suonenjoki, Finland Aapeli and Kustaa Suihkonen at Suonenjoki cemetary
Left Aapeli Suihkonen and right Aapeli Suihkonen with his son Kustaa Suihkonen
at the grave of Aapeli's wife Klaara at Suonenjoki old cemetary.

Some of the family members moved to America, to South Dakota. They changed their last name to Hill.

Suihkonen family book: "Savon Suihkosia" was published by Jouko Suihkonen at the Family Reunion in 2022. The book traces the family's history from the 16th century onwards including descendants of Antti and Pekka Suihkonen, from Karelia to Joroinen, Suonenjoki, Jäppilä, and Pieksämäki regioins in Finland. Book is in Finnish only.
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